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About Company

ELME TKS OÜ was established on April 24, 2001 on the basis of calibration and testing laboratory. Staff of the Company counts 15 employees.


Today companies of BLRT Grupp, as well as machine building, transportation, construction and repair companies and manufacturers of metal works along the whole Estonia are among partners and customers of ELME TKS. Integrated Management System covers all the basic services provided by the company.

The main services provided by the company are as follows:

Non-destructive control of metals and welded connections:

  • X-ray analysis
  • Ultrasonic flaw detection
  • Dye (liquid) penetration test
  • Magnetic particle test
  • Visual examination
  • Infrared thermography

Mechanical testing

  • Testing of materials and their joints (elongation, fracture, bending etc.) to define the basic mechanical properties – strength, flexibility, hardness, impact strength at different temperatures

Metallographic examination

  • Defining micro- and macrostructure of metals and welded joints

Calibration and repair of measuring tools

  • Heating, electrotechnical, mechanical, linear-angular measuring tools (pressure gages, ampere meters, tachometers, caliper square, micrometers etc.)

Chemical analysis

  • Analysis of process liquids: oils, composition of galvanic bathes and alcohol etc.
  • Defining chemical composition and identification of metal and alloy grades on the basis of Fe, Al, Cu with mobile spectrometer SPEKTROTEST TXS in laboratory and production environment

Performance of measurements and risk analysis of working environment. Environment protection

  • Defining illumination and noise and vibration levels
  • Control of hazardous substances contents in the air of exhaust and ventilation systems
  • Waste waters control
  • Control of air contamination degree of the working zone at different sites
  • Precipitation measurements

Performance of electrotechnical measurements of electrical plants and tests of electrical means of protection

  • Measurement of insulation and grounding resistance
  • Measurement of full resistance of “phase-zero” circuit
  • High-voltage testing of dielectric protective means
  • Infrared thermography of buildings, equipment, electrical switchboards and installations, etc.


ELME TKS has the following certificates and licenses:


Phone: + 372 610 2179
Fax: + 372 610 2979
E-mail: [email protected]

103 Kopli Street
11712 Tallinn