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A ship built by BLRT Grupp set a new record

Fishing trawler Gitte Henning S349 built by shipbuilding yard Western Baltija Shipbuilding, a part of BLRT Grupp, landed a record catch from a single trawler in Denmark.

The fishing trawler caught 3281 tons of blue whiting while being out in the sea for three days. According to the Danish press, this is the largest catch in Denmark of all times. The trawler set the record already during its first fishing trip to the island of St Kilda by the Outer Hebrides.

“The trawler had to spend two days in fishing harbor to get hydraulics and other equipment adjusted, but this is something you would expect with new equipment,” says Henning Kjeldsen, the skipper and owner of the trawler. The supplier of the innovative and top-notch propulsion complex used on the ship is Wärtsilä. In some way, it is similar to a hybrid car engine: in some cases, it allows saving fuel or getting additional power. It even has a take-me-home mode. The vessel is equipped with 13 refrigerated seawater tanks with total capacity of 3200 m3. To load and unload fish from these tanks, a vacuum system is used. The combination of these technologies is what allows catching such big amounts of fish.

The supplier of the propulsion equipment was Wärtsilä. The propulsive complex can work in four modes: diesel-mechanic mode, shaft generator mode, boost-mode  and take-me-home mode. A Norwegian company BRUNVOLL was the supplier of new azimuth thruster and aft tunnel thruster. This new powerful equipment combined with steering system gives the ship high manoeuvrability even at low speed. Because of the advanced equipment solutions, a long-term  adjustment and calibration as well as sea trials were required.

The length overall of the trawler is 86.3 meters, width 17.6 meters, hull weight 2200 tons. The trawler can reach speed up to 17 knots; the maximum number of crewmembers is 14.

Additional information:

Throughout the entire history of the shipyard, Western Baltija Shipbuilding has built more than 300 fishing vessels, but Gitte Henning in 2010 was the first fishing vessel that the shipyard has constructed on a turnkey basis. Within the last four years the yard has built eight ships and 10 ship hulls in total.

Western Baltija Shipbuilding is a subsidiary of Western Shipyard, which provides about 1700 specialists with work and is a part of Estonian industrial concern BLRT Grupp. Today, the concern incorporates one shipbuilding and three ship repair yards in Estonia, Lithuania and Finland. Together, they offer complete range of quality services on all phases of a vessel’s lifespan, from designing and building to subsequent repair and recycling.


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