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ELME continues to work with ESAB and 3M

Following the conducted tenders, there were concluded contracts with ESAB Company for basic welding consumables supply and 3M Company for basic personal respiratory protection means supply.

The main welding materials used to work with carbon steels include rutile cored wire (1.2 mm diameter), reference electrodes 3.2 mm and 4.0 mm in diameter and solid wire.

“The peculiarity of our company is that conducting a tender we order products both for Estonia and Lithuania. Therefore, it is important that the supplier be able to deliver products to different countries in the manner convenient for our businesses”, said Alexei Kvashnin, Head of Procurement Department at ELME. “ESAB Company not only proved to be a reliable partner in the previous years, but also offered the optimal logistics solution for deliveries”.

Personal respiratory protection includes: dust filters equipped with a valve or without it, ear mufflers, half masks with filters, gas filters, Adflo system components and some others means.

 “The products supplied by the U.S. manufacturer 3M is high quality, easy to use and provides each employee with the necessary work comfort, which is a key factor when choosing a partner in this segment of the material supplied. It is also important that this manufacturer can supply products to all seven countries in which our corporate group operates”, added Kvashnin.


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