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Elme Messer Gaas is the first manufacturing company with АЕО status

Elme Messer Gaas has now the permit to follow a simplified border formalities procedure when transporting the goods over the European Union border.

Elme Messer Gaas, an Estonian company that produces and sells different types of atmospheric gases, has been granted the status of the European Union’s authorised economic operator (АЕО); the certificate allows the company to benefit from facilitations with regard to the customs controls and goods entering or leaving the European Union.

Before being granted the status of АЕО, the company successfully passed a detailed audit, during which the Estonian Tax and Customs Board thoroughly checked its economic activity. Particular attention was paid to the efficiency of logistics system as well as to the principles of ensuring economic security and solvency of the company.

“On the global arena, this status is a guarantee for timely deliveries; and for the customers in the Baltic States, this is a mark of quality and reliability. The recognition of company’s achievements on such a high level will considerably increase our competitive edge in the European Union. In cooperation with Elme Trans, our partner company who was also granted this certificate, we are planning to extend our export cooperation with our present and potential partners” – Igor Berman, the member of the Board of Elme Messer Gaas expressed his hope.

According to Urmas Koidu, the head of customs management department of Estonian Tax and Customs Board, 24 Estonian companies, the majority of whom are logistic companies, have been issued the status of АЕО. “The main concept of AEO is to recognize and establish cooperation with the entrepreneurs who value a high level of reliability when clearing customs. The status of АЕО means reducing the volume of customs bond and the number of audits to be carried out in respect of entrepreneurs, ensuring a more rapid customs clearance, and, as a result, real cash economy” – said Koidu.

Elme Messer Gaas and Elme Trans became the first companies in the list to be able to enjoy the facilitated export conditions of industrial goods produced in Estonia and leaving the European Union.


Elme Messer Gaas produces and sells different types of gases, and operates three air separation units. The company operates in five countries and gives work to around 260 specialists. It was founded in 1999 as a joint venture of two large industrial groups: BLRT Grupp (Estonia) and Messer Group (Germany).

Elme Trans is a subsidiary of the industrial group BLRT Grupp and offers quality services of transportation and forwarding the cargo on the territory of Estonia and abroad, including Central and Northern Europe, Russia and Ukraine. As of today, the representative offices of Elme Trans operates in five countries.



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