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The staff of the Board of the international holding BLRT Grupp has been changed

The Board of Estonian industrial holding BLRT Grupp will work with the new members.

From 12th January 2015, Veronika Ivanovskaja and Grigori Grigorjan joined the Board of the holding BLRT Grupp. Veronika Ivanovskaja works in the concern already 16 years, during the last five years she was a member of the Council of BLRT Grupp. Grigori Grigorjan works in holding more than 14 years, during the last 12 years he manages one of the biggest subsidiary of the holding - Elme Metall. Anatoly Onolov will continue his membership in the Board. 

Veronika Ivanovskaja is elected as a Chairwoman of the Board of BLRT Grupp.

«Igor Berman, earlier the member of the holding’s Board, will concentrate his efforts on realization of the big projects of the joint enterprise Elme Messer Gaas. Mark Berman will concentrate his attention on the construction of the fish feeding barges and on development of the stevedoring activity of BLRT Grupp. Fjodor Berman will use his extensive experience and knowledge to continue the restructuration of the holding», commented Katja Ljubobratets, communications director of BLRT Grupp.

Additional information:

BLRT Grupp is one of the biggest private industrial holding in the Baltic Sea region, established in Tallinn in 1912. Currently it is represented in seven countries and procures work to more than 4000 people.

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