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Refonda Baltic Team of BLRT wins BIG4 football tournament in two successive years

On 6 of September four teams of the four biggest enterprises of Estonia – metal converters- met on the football ground of the Tabasalu Gymnasium. Match, accompanied by the fervent support of the fans, ended with a victory of BLRT Refonda Baltic.

In this year in tournament, taking place already second successive year, participated four teams. Apart of BLRT Refonda, Kuusakoski, Tolmet and Cronimet entered the field.

Match lasted two times 10 minutes each. The number of players simultaneously participating in the game was 7 persons in total: 1 goalkeeper and 6 field players.

Upon earning 9 scores after three rounds, ours moved into first place of the tournament list.

Vaike Ilves, BLRT Refonda Baltic manager’s assistant, who came to support her team for the first time, noted, that in spite of the fact, that the meetings took place with a big advantage of our team, the game for the first prize was complicated. «The rival showed a good game, but BLRT Refonda Baltic football players won thanks to penalty, realized during the last minutes of the match», - summed up Vaike the course of the game.

«Despite the fact that we are talking about a new, merely emerging tradition, organization of competitions is always praiseworthy. I hope, that organization of the tournament, arranged this year by Kuusakoski company, will continue, and in the same fitting manner, the more so, that  we will be the one who arranges this event next year», - commented Revo Tilk, BLRT Refonda Balticpurchasing manager.

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