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BLRT Grupp has bought a material handler to service vessels

BLRT Transiit, a company of BLRT Grupp, started servicing vessels with the new Mantsinen 90R Hybrilift material handler thanks to which the berthing time of vessels will decrease, while the company can start handling bigger vessels than before.

After the reconstruction of the sixth and seventh pier of the port, which was completed at the beginning of 2017, vessels with a load bearing capacity of up to 40,000 tons can enter the BLRT Grupp port basin in Tallinn.

"In order to service vessels like this, we had to change both our technology and infrastructure. This is namely the reason why we purchased a new material handler. Manufactured in Finland, the machine has a maximum reach of 26 meters, is equipped with two grabber buckets for handling bulk with a capacity of 9 and 5 square meters. Previously, we used a bucket with a volume of 2.5 cubic meters for loading and discharging works," Ahto Altjõe, member of the management board of BLRT Transiit, said.

The new material handler has several other important advantages. Firstly, it allows to shorten the time spend on loading and discharging by more than two times. Secondly, its flexible characteristics and energy-saving system HybriLift ensure an up to 35 percent smaller energy expenditure and environmental friendliness. Being on tracks gives it a greater freedom of movement, a good manoeuvring ability enables it to use the pier in a more purposeful manner.

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