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Noblessner Homeport - “Best Development Project of 2019”

On October 9, the companies with a major influence on development of Tallinn's business environment received a reward at the official ceremony held in the Noblessner foundry. The first stage of Noblessner seafront quarter construction project currently implemented by BLRT Grupp AS announced as winner in the nomination for the “Best Development Project of 2019”.

Tiit Terik, Chairman of Tallinn City Council, and Kalle Klandorf, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn, presented the prize to Ivar Piirsalu, real estate development director for BLRT Grupp. According to Ivar Piirsalu, five years ago to enter Noblessner territory was considered a real act of bravery, since barbed wire, barriers and iron gates blocked the way for the curious. He noted that during this period, the Noblessner quarter development project has gained a foothold on the real estate market, at the same time setting a benchmark in shaping of modern urban environment.

As a result of implementation of this project, the territory of the former submarine construction plant, which has been for a long time inaccessible, has turned into an open and friendly urban environment with a yacht harbor, apartments, commercial areas, seaside promenade and a wide range of recreational opportunities. Every month, Noblessner is visited by the famous architects, heads of major cities and developers. It became a model for competitors and a source of inspiration for urban planners. The first stage cost a total of 77 million euros.

According to Kairi Vaher, head of Tallinn Enterprise Department, the projects implemented by the winners have exerted the greatest impact on development of Tallinn's business environment and stood out among the rest due to their economic value and innovation. Various organizations, such as large developers, startups, research institutions along with the companies operating worldwide merited recognition. “All initiatives that in one way or another contribute to the creation of added value are equally important for Tallinn. City’s welfare largely depends on entrepreneurial spirit of local community,” said Kairi Vaher.

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